cftp: NEWS

2008-08-18: Major webpage overhaul.

The web page has been improved and new features have been added:

The repository browser is now integrated into the website; mailing list archives have been added; and news, release announcements. and commits are available as RSS feeds.

2007-05-16: Switched from CVS to Mercurial.

We switched from CVS to Mercurial, a distributed version control system. has been replaced by See Mercurial Access for how to access the repositories.

2002-09-17: Released cftp 0.12

  • preliminary support for sftp (requires ssh protocol version 2)

  • print estimated remaining time for down- and uploads

2001-12-11: Released cftp 0.11.2

  • new command: rmdir

  • don't default to sending user name as anonymous password

  • fix error detection in up/downloads

2001-09-16: Released cftp 0.11.1

  • fix compile problem on Red Hat 7.1

2001-09-11: Released cftp 0.11

  • display transfer rates

  • detect stalled connections and abort after stall-timeout seconds

  • fix ASCII mode uploads

  • if initial url is file, download before listing directory

  • display progress while reading directories

  • write proper URLs (encoding special chars, include user and port)

  • only ask for password if server wants one

  • various bug fixes

2000-12-14: Released cftp 0.10

  • support for IPv6

  • various bug fixes

1999-10-31: Released cftp 0.9.3

  • downloads: if size is unknown, use size from server response

  • mkdir: make directory on server (not really new, but I forgot to mention it)

  • site: send site specific commands

  • removed option emacs-status (which has been ignored anyway)

  • fixed bug with status lines on small terminals (less than 25 columns)