cg - semi-automatic newsgroup binary downloader


cg [-chmV] [-n rcfile] [-p passwd] [-s server] [-u user] group ...


cg is a semi-automatic newsgroup binary downloader. It assembles parts based on subject headers and then offers them in an editor for the user to choose which files he really wants.

It supports decoding data in the following formats:

The following message formats are supported: multipart/mixed, message/partial; the following encodings are supported: base64, quoted printable, x-uuencode.
Both single- and multi-posting binaries.
Both single- and multi-posting binaries.

The following flags are supported:

Mark only parts of complete files as read.
Show a short usage.
-n-,-newsrc FILE
Use FILE as newsrc file.
-p-,-pass PASS
Use PASS as password for authentication.
-s-,-server SERVER
Use SERVER as NNTP server. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.
-u-,-user USER
Use USER as user for authentication.
Show release information.

cg reads the XOVER record from the news server for each group given on the command line and tries to assemble all unread binaries in this group. Then cg spawns an editor (taken from the VISUAL or EDITOR environment variables, or defaulting to vi(1)) where the user can delete all lines of unwanted binaries. After leaving the editor, the binaries corresponding to undelete lines are decoded and saved in the current directory.

Comments in 0-parts or around the encoded data are saved in the file ``filename.desc''; broken files (problems during decoding, missing parts due to expiration) are saved as ``filename.broken''. Files are not overwritten, rather ``.1'', ``.2'', ... is appended to the filename to make it unique.


The VISUAL and EDITOR environment variables are honored in this order.

Set the NNTPSERVER environment variable to choose your newsserver (which must support xover records), or use the -s flag. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.


Mail suggestions and bug reports to .