Released dccserver 0.3

April 7, 2003

  • Add dccsend program to send files to a remote dccserver. Requested by Antti Aaltonen <>.

  • Try to handle it more gracefully when two or more clients want to write to the same file. Idea from Rudolf Polzer.

  • Add lots of fflushes, some from Rudolf Polzer.

  • Strip paths from file name (some weird clients send them). Requested by Athan <>.

  • Remove superfluous seteuid call. Noted by Athan <>.

  • Mention client ID/client name in most places. Based on patches from Rudolf Polzer <>.

  • Add -e/-i options for easy embedding in irssi. Idea from from Rudolf Polzer <>.

  • Add “quit” command to exit dccserver. Idea from Rudolf Polzer <>.

  • Some minor improvements.

Download release: