portable NeoGeo Pocket emulator, SDL version

Development on this project has stopped. It will no longer be updated.

NeoPop-SDL is the SDL port of NeoPop, a portable NeoGeo Pocket emulator. It supports black&white and color games, game state saving, screenshots (BMP and PNG), sound and music, double- and triple-size both in software and hardware scaling as well as full-screen-modes, joysticks and keyboard input, and reading ROMs directly from ZIP files.

It is based on the portable NeoPop source code with some additional fixes (slight speed-up and big-endian fixes).

Current version: 0.2 released on 2004-07-25

Manic Miner V1.0 by Lindon Dodd
title screen in game
MazeDemo V1.00 by Jeff Siebold
title screen in game


Distfiles: NeoPop-SDL-0.2.tar.gz, NeoPop-SDL-0.2.tar.bz2

Man pages: NeoPop-SDL(6), neopoprc(5)

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