NeoPop Bug List

Last Update: v0.71 - 09 SEP 2002

Recently Added, Updated or Removed:

  • "Cool Cool Jam" (removed)
  • "Gals Fighters" (removed)
  • "Ganbare NeoPoke Kun (J)" (removed)


Thanks go to Timepaladin, Rosemon and the forum members for reporting many of these problems

Names given in quotes refer to all versions, hacks and translations of the same game.
Names given in unquoted, full GoodNGPx form (v1.00), are for specific instances of a rom not working.

Reporting a bug not mentioned on this list

  • Please check the forum, it may have already been noticed.
  • Please ensure that you have the most up-to-date verion of this list by checking the website
  • Please ensure that you have the most up-to-date verion of NeoPop by checking the website
  • If you feel that a saved state is required to explain the problem, PLEASE SEND THE ACCOMANYING FLASH DATA (the .NGF file, if available) as your settings may differ from mine and THIS WILL HAVE A BEARING ON THE RESULTS!
  • Also, if it's possible, please save the state a little before the problem occurs, saving during the problem is usually too late.

"Cool Boarders"

  • In-race status bar is corrupted and flickers a bit.
  • The music becomes corrupted after the first race.

Dark Arms - Beast Buster 1999 (JUE) [a1] [!]

    Throws up a whole load of errors about unimplemented opcodes. After that, all that you get is a very light grey screen. Seems to be a bad dump as it's compressed size is much smaller than the other versions available - indicating a lack of content.

"Delta Warp"

  • Not a bug, but when running in "NeoGeo Pocket" mode it has an elaborate command line simulation to tell you that it requires colour mode.
  • This simulation doesn't work, you just get a white screen.
  • Some large characters are corrupted.

"Dive Alert"

  • Corrupted graphics on the intro as the characters scroll past Evangelion style.
  • Glitches corrupt the intro scroll text.
  • The scroller overwrites the background, instead of being transparent.
  • The scroller doesn't scroll completely off the top of the screen.

"King of Fighters - Battle de Paradise"

  • After entering an 'exclamation mark', 'skull and crossbones' or 'star' square, the graphics above the status bar become corrupted (still playable though).
  • Top scanline flickers when doing the diagonal wipe at the start of the level.
  • Get a blank black screen & Status Bar incorrectly placed if you come across Mini Game No.17 - 'Eyes in the Dark' in Main Mode
    **Mini Game name taken from Christina Rose's walkthrough at ""

"Magical Drop Pocket"

  • Seems very difficult - is it supposed to be?
  • Sound will sometimes hang on the current note. Move the NeoPop window around to silence it.

"Memories Off Pure"

  • Incorrect black line on the title screen.

"Samurai Shodown 2"

  • Flickering line between background and bottom status bar caused by incorrect interrupt timing.

"Sonic Pocket Adventure"

  • Unstable sound code. Music or sound effects may not play and it may even freeze - keep resetting until it's fixed. I have noticed that NOT skipping the SEGA logo generally makes it more reliable.

"SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash 2 Expand Edition"

  • Corrupt Graphics for Action and Re-Action Cards (corrupt from beginning of game)
    Note: When this was originally saved through save state, the logo graphics for the Re-Action Cards were corrupt.
    When I checked again to make sure, the Action Card graphics were corrupt instead.

"Super Real Mahjong"

  • First half of the opening sample is played at 1/2 speed due to simplified DAC emulation.
  • Game crashes (black screen) possible with many options.