ckmame: NEWS

2015-05-03: Released ckmame 0.12

  • add support for on-disk caches to speed up consecutive runs

  • support for ROMs in directories instead of in zip archives

  • fix all fixable ROM errors automatically in one run

  • speed up database operations by preparing statements only once

  • remove torrentzip support (removed in libzip)

2011-02-20: Released ckmame 0.11

  • MESS Software Lists support

  • retire, use "mame -listxml | mkmamedb" instead

  • link/copy disks from extra if -j (--delete-found) isn't specified

  • ckmame: display current game on SIGINFO (Ctrl-T)

  • removed ROMPATH support since mame uses a path in the config file nowadays

2008-08-18: Major webpage overhaul.

The web page has been improved and new features have been added:

The repository browser is now integrated into the website; mailing list archives have been added; and news, release announcements. and commits are available as RSS feeds.

2008-07-25: Released ckmame 0.10

  • use SQLite3 instead of Berkeley DB

  • optionally TorrentZip ROM set

  • mkmamedb: add support for ROM Management Datafile format

  • mkmamedb: add support to read dat files from zip archives

  • mkmamedb: extract version and game description from listxml output

  • ckmame: fix finding ROMs that need detectors from superfluous and extra

  • change to 3-clause BSD license

2007-06-07: Next ckmame version will use SQLite 3.

The next version of ckmame will use SQLite 3 instead of Berkeley DB.

This avoids the portability nightmare of finding compatible header files and library names, which vary widely across systems.

It also simplifies ckmame's database model, since we no longer need to maintain indices ourselves. This allows for easier manipulation of the database, which will be facilitated by the forthcoming database editing tool.

2007-06-04: Released ckmame 0.9

  • add support for CMPro XML header skip detectors

  • fix handling of zero byte ROMs

  • dumpgame: brief option: no ROM/disk info

  • mkmamedb: add support for reading Romcenter dat files

  • mkmamedb: warn about multiple games with same name

  • mkmamedb: create CMPro dat files

  • mkmamedb: create mame db or CMPro dat file from zip archives

  • ckmame: add option to keep files present in old ROM database

2007-05-16: Switched from CVS to Mercurial.

We switched from CVS to Mercurial, a distributed version control system. has been replaced by See Mercurial Access for how to access the repositories.

2006-05-18: Released ckmame 0.8

  • clean up superfluous files and extra directories

  • use additional DB listing files that exist elsewhere

  • read games to check from file

  • create DB from multiple dat files

  • omit games matching shell glob patterns from database

  • don't open archives or disk images multiple times

  • don't accept disk images that need a parent

  • move unknown files to directory `unknown', not to `garbage' in ROM path

2005-12-28: Released ckmame 0.7

  • fix all fixable errors in at most two runs

  • rename disks

  • support searching for files in additional directories

  • detect faked ROMs (correct CRC, wrong MD5/SHA1)

  • adapt for MAME version numbers of 0.100 and above

  • dropped support for inferring flags/status from CRC (old MAME versions)

  • deprecated -u/-U command line options

  • simplify ROM matching logic

  • many new regression tests, causing

  • various bug fixes

2005-06-17: Released ckmame 0.6

  • libzip is distributed separately

  • Support MAME/MESS -listxml output

  • Adapt for MAME -listinfo output changes (honor flags baddump and nodump).

  • Check disk images (chd files).

  • Superfluous merged into ckmame. ckmame now by default reports extra files. Also works for samples.

  • add file format version to database and don't use incompatible database

  • dumpgame: find game by checksum of one of its ROMs

  • add script to create database by running xmame

2003-01-29: Released ckmame 0.5

MESS, Impact, Raine, and others based on the CMPro format now supported. Man page added. Bug fixes.

1999-10-06: Released ckmame 0.4.1

If a a clone zip didn't exist, it was not created. The DOS port now really can fix romsets.

1999-09-23: Released ckmame 0.4

The whole program.