extract rom set information from ckmame database

dumpgame {-b | --brief} [{-D dbfile | --rom-db dbfile}] [game]

dumpgame -c | --checksum [{-D dbfile | --db dbfile}] checksum [...]

dumpgame [-hV] [--all-sets] [--dats] [--detector] [--disks] [--games] [--hash-types] [--help] [--list-sets] [--set pattern] [--summary] [--version]

dumpgame extracts rom set information from a ckmame(1) database. dumpgame can also find roms matching a particular checksum.

dumpgame supports the following options:

Do the action for all configured sets.
, --brief
Use brief mode: don't output ROM and disk information.
, --checksum
Look for a ROM or disk by checksum (instead of the default behaviour to look for a game by name).
dbfile, --rom-db dbfile
Use database dbfile instead of the default “mame.db”.
Names of the datfiles used for creating the database, and their descriptions.
Name and version of the CMPro XML header skip detector used (if any).
List names of all disks in the database.
List names of all games in the database.
Types of checksums used (crc, md5, sha1). One line each for roms and disks.
, --help
Display a short help message.
List all configured sets.
--set pattern
Run dumpgame for all sets matching pattern.
List some statistics about the contents of the database.
, --version
Display program name and version number.

Location for the database file. Can be overridden with the -D option. Defaults to “mame.db”.

Display rom information for the game “pacman”:
dumpgame pacman
Display all roms matching the checksum “c1e6ab10”:
dumpgame -c c1e6ab10

ckmame(1), mkmamedb(1)

dumpgame was written by Dieter Baron <dillo@nih.at> and Thomas Klausner <tk@giga.or.at>.