detectivelist zip archive contents with headers skipped

detective [-hV] [-C hashtypes] [-D dbfile] [--db dbfile] [--detector file] [--hash-types types] [zip-archive [...]]

detective lists the contents of zip archives in a format similar to dumpgame(1), optionally applying a header skip detector.

If no hash types or detector are given via command line options, they are taken from the ckmame(1) database.

detective supports the following options:

types, --hash-types types
A comma separated list of hash types to compute when creating a ROM set description from a directory of zip archives. Supported hash types are: crc, md5, sha1.
dbfile, --db dbfile
Use dbfile as database file.
Use CMPro XML header skip detector description from file.

Location for the database file. Can be overridden with the -D option. Defaults to “mame.db”.

ckmame(1), dumpgame(1)

detective was written by Dieter Baron ⟨⟩ and Thomas Klausner <>.